Jordan Retro Black Cement 3 GS Is Just As Nice As BC3 Mens Size

The Jordan Retro 3 Black Cement had it’s long awaited release in February of 2018 with the Nike Air branding on the heel side of the shoe.  I looked at several pairs of them and found the quality to be good, but they did have some room for improvement.  I had 5 pairs of the mens size version in my house and only one of the 5 had excellent leather quality all around the shoe.  All the other pairs had some good leather parts and some even had two completely different looking toe boxes.  I kept 2 nice pairs and returned the rest.  There really wasn’t any incentive to resell these for any profit because they were plentiful just like all releases should be.  I noticed that some had crooked tongue stitching and others had some pointy heel padding on the back of the shoe.

Other people have complained that the elephant print was way too high on the toe box compared to originals and earlier versions.

Comparing elephant prints on Black Cement 3s and Free Throw Line 3s

So, overall, it wasn’t a perfect release, but we can’t expect every pair to be perfect, right?

Well then, how come the GS version is so nice!

Air Jordan Retro 3 OG youth size or GS size

The youth or boys size version of the BC3 is also a good fit for women which in my case was purchased for my wife.  She wears a size 6y.  It’s called GS as an abbreviation for Grade School.  The GS version has surprisingly excellent quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Looks just as good as the mens size black cement 3s.

The leather material (which isn’t real leather, but I call it leather for the sake of simplicity) is soft and supple just like the best quality men’s size version that I wear.  The Nike Air branding is a solid white rubber, again, equal to the men’s size.  The True Blue Jordan 3 from 2016 had a GS version that said Nike Air on the back, but the Nike Air was made of a plastic material that was not comparable to the big sizes.  The heel tab of the True Blue 3s in GS was also a plastic material.  The GS BC3 has a rubber heel tab same as men’s.  The one major difference from the men’s version is that the sole of the shoe represents the brand as Jordan whereas the men’s size has a Nike branding on the bottom of the shoe, but shoe bottoms are for pavements anyway.

I saw multiple pairs of this GS version and they are way more consistent than the men’s version of the same.  The factory code on the inside of the tongue is different from the multiple factory codes I saw on the larger size version which likely means that these are made in a totally different factory than the big sizes.  Maybe there were less suppliers of materials which made most of these pairs very consistent in quality.  I’m not sure how manufacturing of this shoe works, but I can only assume the reasons for the good quality consistency.  The pairs that I saw had no excess glue stains, no pointy heel padding, not many flaws except for maybe some crooked stitching of the tongue.  The rest of the shoe was excellent quality.  I’ve seen lots of complaints of GS versions existing as toy versions of the men’s size, but it appears that Nike and Jordan Brand have stepped this one up.

Conclusion is that it the GS model is a worthy purchase if you are looking to buy a pair for the small footers of your household.  I got my wife’s pair on sale from Shoepalace for about $88 plus shipping.  Great steal considering the retail price is usually $140.  See if you can find a pair on sale from a retailer.  You can also find them on Stockx.com where they are always available under the retail price.

If you haven’t bought a pair of Black Cement 3s for your girl, do it now!

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