Why I’m So Happy With Jordan Brand in 2018

Old sneakerheads are dads, business owners, professionals, and whatever else 30+ year olds are.  A lot of us are even in the early to mid 40’s.  In the past 6 years, Jordan Brand has had lots of ups and downs with this group, but, lately, we don’t have much to complain about.

Just within the last 5 years, here are some notable Jordan retro releases (no order, just off the top of my head):

Jordan 3 Black Cement OG Nike Air
Jordan 3 True Blue OG Nike Air
Jordan 3 Fire Red
Jordan 3 Katrina
Jordan 6 Infrared
Jordan 5 Metallic OG Nike Air
Jordan 4 White Cement OG Nike Air
Jordan 3 Free Throw Line Nike Air
Jordan 13 He Got Game x2
Jordan 5 Fresh Prince Nike Air
Jordan 7 Bordeaux
Jordan 18 Black Royal

And coming soon in the next few months into 2019:

Jordan 11 Concord 45
Jordan 4 Black Cement (BRED) Nike Air
Jordan 6 Infrared Nike Air

What do OG Jordan-heads have to complain about???  If you just kept up with sneakers starting in 2013, you would have a lot of the best releases and colorways of Jordan Brand’s history.  If you don’t like what’s in the list above, you probably aren’t an OG sneakerhead.

For some, it’s a serious enough hobby just to buy all these great releases to relive your childhood days.  You’d think we would all be happy getting these wonderful releases, some even re-mastered with Nike Air branding, but, no. There are some who take it to a whole next level of intensity.  They aren’t happy with what we’re getting in these releases.  The next level consists of guys who want the retros to look as close to the original models as possible.  Sounds ridiculous right?  Some people aren’t happy to get the retros of shoes that were so highly coveted that they reached resale prices of over $500!  They want the retros to look more like the originals released back in the 90’s and they demand perfect craftsmanship with no errors.

Welcome to the next level of OG sneakerheads, so OG, that they demand the shape, materials, colors, and details of retro models to look like the original releases, like what MJ was wearing.  They trash the releases that stray too far from the original form.  An example of a complaint I’ve heard this year is that the elephant print on the new releases of Jordan 3s is too fat.  They should have a thinner EP, which could be true for some people, but most regular enthusiasts are happy just to have a pair of Black Cements or Katrinas.

The quality on the more recent retro or retro+ releases to date has been nothing short of excellent.  Here are some releases from the past few months that are easily available for near retail price on StockX.com.  I’ve had all of these in my hands, and examined them closely.  The quality is amazing.

Jordan 5 Paris Saint-Germain NRG:
A lot of people think these are just a rehash of the Black Metallic 5s but that’s a big mistake.  The quality on these is twice as good as the BM5s.  The uppers are higher quality material, like a short haired suede nubuck, and the edges of the material is blacked out.  The side and tongue netting are tinted black to match the blacked out 3M tongue.  You can’t judge these unless you’ve seen them in person.

Jordan 5 Fresh Prince of Bel Air NRG:
No laces?  Who cares!?  The leather is amazing.  After I wore these multiple times, the creasing looks like real leather.  In fact, I could be mistaken, but I think they are real leather and, if they aren’t, I don’t even care.  It’s close enough.  The materials compared to the 2013 Grape 5 is on another level.  If you missed out on these because you don’t like the missing laces, you missed a great pair of retros.  People are punching out the lace holes in 20 minutes with a leather hole punch that you can buy for a few bucks.

Jordan 4 Raptors NRG:
OMG. Excellent upper materials.  No stray glue stains.  Eye catching purple midsole with black speckles.  This rendition of the Jordan 4 is a neck-breaker.  Not an OG colorway, but still amazing on feet.  When you have them in hand, they look and feel extremely special.  It’s not your regular sneaker that you take your dog for walks in.  It feels like a sneaker for special occasions only.

Jordan 5 Wings:
One word can describe the upper for these: “BUTTER”.  How these shoes are not celebrated more that they are is shocking to me.  The upper is made of a combination of children’s sketches to make a pattern that is unique on every pair.  The upper material is a thin leather with a silky feel.  Glow in the dark wings style netting adds to the look which might not be for everyone, but if you can afford to add these to a collection, they can hold their own in a glass case of sports memorabilia.

Jordan 18 OG Retro:
First time to be a retro release for this one.  I’ve had my eye on it since I missed them on the original release year.  Best word choice for this one is “Flawless” because that’s exactly what it is.  It’s a flawless retro with crazy details like gold colored netting inside the air vents, carbon fiber insoles, and full length zoom soles.  Price tag was high at $225.  It’s hard to swallow, but if you have the love, you pay up and be happy.

Jordan 13 He Got Game OG Retro:
Jordan has released these twice in the last few years, but that doesn’t make them any less classic.  People who didn’t know any better bought the Baron 13s or some other look alike colorways, but these are the real deal classics.  They are a solid release.  They didn’t sell out immediately, but now they are hard to find at the retail price and the reseller price is higher than the reseller price of the Black Cement 3s.

What do I have to complain about after these amazing releases by Jordan Brand?  Not much.  Jordan Brand is coming with the heavy hitters, the best of the best classic OG silhouettes and colorways.  And they aren’t holding back on quantity.  The best part is that the more popular releases are the easiest to get.  Nike told shareholders in quarterly meetings that Jordan Brand would be bringing back the most popular models and colorways in bigger quantities after they started to lose market share, and that is exactly what they are doing.


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