Jordan 11 Cap and Gown “Prom Night” For Resell Price

What Is The Best Way To Buy A Sneaker At Resell or Resale Price?

I missed out on the Jordan 11 Cap and Gown at the stores. Luckily, there are a few options to get them still. Here’s some of the options:

  • Ebay: Online auction site
  • StockX: Online marketplace
  • Goat: Online marketplace
  • Craigslist: Online classifieds
  • Offerup: Online classifieds
  • Online retailer restocks: Some sites like Nike, Footlocker, or Footaction will restock the product on their websites
  • Twitter sellers: Twitter users posting that they have a pair for sale
  • Instagram sellers: Instagram users posting that they have a pair for sale
  • Facebook Marketplace: Facebook’s online marketplace
  • Facebook Groups: Groups on Facebook dedicated to trading and selling sneakers usually created for local areas
  • Niketalk Classifieds: The marketplace for Niketalk.com
  • Specialty sneaker consignment and sneaker resale stores

Out of all these options, it’s pretty easy to find people selling the Jordan 11 Cap and Gown in my size in brand new DS (deadstock) condition. But prices are all over the place. Price listings will vary from $340 all the way up to $500 with some outliers in the $1000 range.

I’m open to paying up to $310 for this pair. Retail price was $250 plus tax, but it’s unlikely that I will ever find it at this price again because the shoes are limited editions and stores have been sold out since release day. I would have probably paid around $270 including sales tax at a retail location. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any reservations to purchase them and I struck out trying to buy these from websites online. Paying an extra $40 on top of the retail price is really not a big deal for me. I look at it as if I’m paying someone $40 to do the work of buying this sneaker and taking the time to send them to me. It’s not a bad premium to pay since I have two very young kids and wouldn’t have the time to drive around searching for a pair like I used to do.

I’ve looked at all the options for where I can find a reseller pair, and I’ll tell you which one I like best and which ones I like the least.

StockX Is The Best By Far: My top choice is StockX. I think I have the best chance of purchasing the Jordans from here rather than anywhere else.  You can use the app or the web version from your browser.  I like that StockX shows me past sales prices of Jordans and it also shows how many other people are bidding on each pair along with the prices they are willing to pay. I know what I’m competing with and I know I’m paying a fair market price. StockX is a very well built market platform to buy and sell sneakers, so easy to use.  To buy from their site, you just find the shoe and place a bid at the price you want to pay. Sellers will accept the bid and send the shoes to StockX who does free verification of authenticity. StockX only sells brand new condition shoes. You won’t find any sneakers in used condition although they do sell pre-owned watches and handbags. The price of the Jordan 11 in my size is currently being offered at $330, but I’m not willing to pay that. So, I’ve posted a bid at $310 and I’m waiting to see if a seller would accept this price. I have to pay an additional $13.95 for shipping if my bid gets accepted. So, the true total cost would be $310 + $13.95 = $323.95.  They accept the sneakers from the seller to authenticate and send them to me so that I never have to interact with a seller.  I’m good with that.

The Other Ways to Buy All Suck
Ebay’s prices are way too high for some reason. They have a lot of inventory, but all of the “Buy It Now” prices are $350 or higher and you always have to watch out for ridiculous shipping charges that are separate from the buy price.  Some listings have $50 shipping charges!  The other option is to bid on auctions on Ebay, but I’m not waiting 4 days to see the result of an auction before the shoes even get shipped out.

Craigslist, OfferUp, Niketalk’s Classifieds, Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups all have similar issues. They have very little inventory and you have to interact with sellers, take time to negotiate and eventually drive to meet up in person to get the shoes and hopefully not get robbed.  For someone with as little free time as myself, these are not good options.

The Goat app is another online marketplace specifically for sneakers.  I don’t like how this marketplace works. The app is ok, but not intuitive.  Try figuring out how to cancel an order.  It could take half a day to figure that one out.  The website version never works right. It always says pages don’t exist. The customer service is horrendous. The prices seem to be much higher than StockX and the platform is hard to use. They sell used and new pairs, but I’m not into used shoes. The biggest factor for them is the higher prices, and they charge $10 for shipping.

Online retailer restocks are going to be very rare for this limited of a shoe. One has already happened though. Footaction restocked their website later on the same day as the release date, and I missed it. I can never sit around waiting for a restock because it’s a passive way to get what you want and the restocks sell out in seconds. I’ve only been able to catch a restock online one time in my life.

Instagram and Twitter sellers are usually individuals who came upon and extra pair they don’t need. You might be able to get great prices from Twitter and Instagram, but how do you know that the guy or girl on the other end is going to send you an authentic pair or even send the pair at all. Fake Jordans are so close to the real ones, it’s scary. You might never know that you’ve got a fake. They even replicate the box and tags.

Sneaker resale stores like RIF and Flight Club are a hassle for me to drive out to.  They usually have a large selection of sneakers, but they don’t always have full size runs of each sneaker they carry.  They never have my size for some reason.  The other problem with these stores is that they generally charge the highest prices out of all the options.  I’m looking for a reasonable deal.  Shopping at these stores is inconvenient and expensive… two of my least favorite things.

So, my bid is in at $310.  Thanks to StockX, all I have to do is sit back and wait.

Pics from Nike

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